Goodbye, August.

Every year when August comes to an end I already begin to miss summer.  I love the warm weather so much and being outside.  It can get a little hectic around my home with the yard work, gardening and animals but I really love it.  I have started dreading winter though.  I’m trying not to do that.  Normally I can embrace every season and enjoy it’s change.  I keep hearing about how this winter is going to be terrible and it makes it hard to look on the bright side.  I’m really trying though!

Monday, Jason’s Momaw brought us 4 chickens.  She said she didn’t want to winter them, it was too hard for her to clean up after them so she gave them to us.  It was really perfect timing because we only had one chicken left.  Now we have 5 hens and rooster.


I love picking the things in my garden.  It gives me such satisfaction to be able to grow healthy food for my family.  A friend of ours who always puts out a huge garden brought us a bunch of tomatoes.   I have several tomatoes from my garden as well and I made some homemade marinara to freeze.



Cherry tomatoes, habanero peppers, and tomatoes.


The Husband’s Man Cave/Studio

Last week was crazy, it was busy and we had a death in the family on top of that.  Jason had ordered a building to use at home as a man cave/studio and it was delivered Thursday afternoon.  We had to do a little bit of prep for the site though.



This was my “office” Thursday.  We had blocks that needed to be moved, trees to cut and move and brush to cut and push.

They delivered the building at 4pm.  I think it looks really nice nestled in the woods.20150801_134436



We still need to add steps off of the porch.20150801_134549


We’ll be finishing the inside with sheetrock.  We’ll also add heat and wiring.  Under the window he wants to put a desk, the loft will be used for RC plane storage and the larger part of the room will be used to build things.20150801_135035


I  think it looks like it just grew in the woods.20150801_135131


The cutest tractor driver ever!  And notice his other tractors in the seat with him!


Home Projects I’ve Been Working On

I’ve been redecorating the kitchen, dining room and the living room in my house.  Friday I repainted the rooms.  Saturday I refinished my dining room table and recovered the seat cushions for the chairs.  I have had this table since this time last year (found it at an indoor yard sale for $50!).  I had painted the chairs but I hadn’t had time to do the table but it looks great now!   Sunday I started putting everything back together, slowly but surely.

I may do a full post once it is all put together but not right now.20150606_215606


Totally cat approved. I only have one vacant chair at a time thanks to these spoiled kitties.  This picture reminds me, I have to put one more coat of paint on the chairs.20150609_180847

My little helper.  We cleaned his room.  Mostly.


My aunt gave Rylan this chair last year and I finally got around to painting it.  20150609_181844

He loves sitting in it.  Look at that “Elvis Lip”!  If you notice in the background I hadn’t had a chance to put the outlet and light switch plates on when I took the pic.  Also, the box behind him housed my new entertainment center which is now put together and I LOVE it!20150609_193335

I saw something similar to this somewhere else and decided to do my own version.  I think it turned out pretty nice.  I want some whimsy in my living room.  I can’t have it too serious!  And if I get sick of it, it will be cute in my new office.signature

Weekend Fun and Gardening!

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous!

We had a great time being outside most of the weekend.  Saturday Jason had to work some and he had to miss my Momaw’s birthday dinner.  It went great though!  I was able to see all my aunts and uncles and of course spend some good time with my Momaw!  Rylan was able to play with everyone and enjoy himself too!  As always, he steals the show!

20150412_130332-1Rylan loves the tractor!

20150412_124908If he can “drive” it he wants to be on it!

We started our garden this weekend.  I wanted to do raised beds only this year so the Husband began planning and constructing the beds based on the dimensions I told him I needed.  I wanted 3 – 4X8 beds and 1 – 8X8 bed.  He was able to finish two of my 4X8 beds and he is planning to finish the other 4X8 and 8X8 this week or this coming weekend.

He used treated 2X12’s for the sides, weed blocking fabric stapled to the bottom, PVC pipes cut and screwed into each corner as well as the middle of the long boards, and chicken wire stretched around the PVC to keep the dogs, deer and other critter out.

20150412_124141Daddy’s little helper!

20150412_124341He’s figuring it out!

20150412_095247Chicken wire.

20150412_095302Adding the PVC to the corners.

20150412_095338Filling it up with dirt.

20150412_105924Spacing out the plants

20150412_114414Tomatoes, green/red/yellow bell peppers, jalapeños, habanero peppers, onions, rosemary and thyme.  I added the rosemary and thyme just because I had space for it.  It wasn’t exactly planned for this bed but I knew it wouldn’t hurt anything.

20150412_170602Leaf lettuce, head lettuce, romaine lettuce and mustard greens.


Blueberry & Blackberry Bushes

I bought some blueberry, blackberry & red raspberry bushes a few weeks ago through Gurney’s.  The blueberry & blackberry bushes came in this weekend so we had to get them in the ground.  I still have some landscaping I want to do around them but I’m so happy that they’re in the ground & I’m excited to see how they do for us.  I hope we get plenty of berries for the freezer as well as for canning!

Blueberry Bushes




Thornless Blackberry Bushes