Hanging Out with My Boy

Today was just such a fun day playing with Rylan.  I enjoy being home with him and spending all day doing what he wants to do.  It is tiring but so rewarding!






We played and played and played.  It must have wiped him out because one minute he was running around, then he was laying down but still playing and then he was out!



Later, after he woke up I found him “cuddling” with Milo.  He loves that cat!


New Sand Box

We bought Rylan a sand box for his birthday but we are just now getting around to setting it up.  It seems like since his birthday things have been so busy we just hadn’t had time to get any sand.  Yikes.  Anyway, he has it now!

20140804_201141New sandbox, new sand.  Ready for play!

20140804_201148Jersey is always curious as to what he is doing.

20140804_201155His faithful companion, Izzy.  She’s always by his side!

20140804_201212He was a little unsure of the texture at first.



He really enjoyed playing in it and throwing the sand we worked so hard to put in out! Haha!