Carbon Copy

So we wanted to try something new.

We decided to try The Firehouse in Johnson City, TN.  We had heard good things but hadn’t had a chance to try it.

We enjoyed the barbecue and we’ll definitely go back. (I forgot to get pics of the food.  Sorry.)

What I really enjoyed though was snapping pictures of Jason and Rylan.

When I see these two together my heart just swells with love and pride!

Jason’s a great Dad.  Rylan is blessed to have him.

I love watching them.  They’re so much alike.

20141126_134738Let me see!


20141126_134824The food came.  Can you tell?


My baby is sick!

My poor baby is sick!  This is the first time ever and I have been worried sick!  Officially he has the Hand, Foot and Mouth virus.  I feel so bad for him!  We have been blessed that he hasn’t been sick before but this has really scared me!  He ran such a high fever (102.6) and he was very incoherent.  He also kept chilling.  He only has one blister and it is on his lip.  The doctor said that may be all he gets or he may break out more.  I hope not.  Those can’t feel good.


You can see how bad he feels by looking at his little eyes.


The cats (Jasper & Ava) have cuddled with him non stop.  I think they know how bad he feels.

The doctor said it will just have to run its course.  I can give him Tylenol or Motrin as needed and plenty of fluids.  I hope and pray he gets to feeling better soon!