Christmas 2014

For Christmas this year we decided to pack everything up go to Wilderness At The Smokies in Sevierville, TN and stay for a few days.  We checked in December 23rd and didn’t check out until December 26th.  It was a nice little getaway and perfect for Christmas!  The service in the resort was really nice, the rooms were very clean and the water park area was a lot of fun!

Wilderness at the Smokies

We will definitely be going away for next Christmas as well.


Last year he loved Santa…this year, not so much.  We ended up making it a family portrait which I love!


In the Wild Canyon Cafe having lunch.

The restaurants were pretty good.  Wild Canyon Cafe (Buffet, about $20/person) and Klondike Pizza Kitchen.  The Klondike Pizza Kitchen had decent pizza but the staff was a little on the rude side.  The Wild Canyon Cafe was where we ate the majority of our meals.  They had a large buffet.  As far as taste and food types, I guess I would have to liken it to Golden Corral.  I also had their Chicken Pasta Primavera too and it was really good!  Next time I will order more things off of the menu to try instead of always going for the buffet.


Ready for the water park in his Mickey Mouse swim trunks and rash guard.


This resort features an indoor water park that is so nice!  It has a large wave pool, an area for kids and another area for kids that are 0-4years.  It was perfect!  Rylan was a little skeptical at first but he quickly warmed up to it.  He loved going down the slide by himself!

20141224_170427He loved these!

20141224_170514 Look at that smile!

20141224_082734He was so tired after playing all day….

20141224_082729 Off to sleep!


I love the way he curls into a little ball to sleep!

20141223_191020Look at that sneaking grin!  Be still my heart!


He played so hard that he passed out early Christmas Eve.


I didn’t think to bring a small tree (note to self for next year) so we jus put everything on the table.


The look on his face when he saw his bicycle was priceless!  As soon as he woke up Christmas morning and looked over toward the table he saw it, jumped off the bed rubbing his eyes, giggling the whole time!



20141225_192900Figuring it out.







20141225_103545He loves tools and fixing things.

20141225_105722He watched me type….

20141225_105712And then began working on his!

20141225_102443Mama and Little Man Christmas selfie!


Unfortunately Santa forgot to leave Daddy some tools to put the Cozy Coup together.

20141225_192536Little Man played with it anyway!


The Husband did an excellent job this year picking out my gifts!  He spoils me!






He loves his recliner!

I do wish I would have taken more pictures of the resort but I was enjoying family time so much and they are certainly the priority.  Maybe next time I’ll have more pictures of the lobby, decorations, etc.


Playing “Santa” with a Salvation Army Toy Delivery

Rylan and I were blessed to be able to help deliver toys for the Salvation Army  to Wise County Social Services.  My aunt works there and asked if we could haul the presents since we have an enclosed trailer.  Of course we said yes!  We met my aunt and uncle that morning and headed to Kingsport, TN to the Salvation Army facility.

20141220_150719Ready to go!



I wish I could have gotten pictures before everyone started unloading but they were in a hurry to get it unloaded and sorted.  It was kind of late (not my fault, we were the first to pick up at the Salvation Army) and they needed to sort it in order to get it to the families in time for Christmas.



I’m not sure if you can tell but the trailer was at least two layers deep.  There were a lot of toys and clothes in there!



He had a great time!  I know he loved spending time with Sis and Jerry…he always does!  I wish I would have gotten a picture of them together…I need to get better at remember pictures for  this blog.

This certainly made me think about how blessed our little family is and how important it is to step up and help out when you can.


1 Year Blogiversarry!

I have officially been blogging for a year now!  Woohoo!  At times I’ve slowed down and had to play catch up but I’ve done it!

I’m so glad that I decided to do this.  I really enjoy looking back through everything that my family and I have done.  It keeps my memories fresh.  I can only imagine what it will be like as the years go by.