Polar FT4 & Fitmiss Delight Protein Powder

Jason had some insomnia the other night and bought me some things via Amazon.  They’re all things I’ve talked about getting and I think it’s super sweet he did that for me.  It was delivered as a total surprise!

I’m always borrowing his tools and half the time I can’t find what I need so now I have my own set.  And they’re pink which pretty much guarantees that they’ll stay mine… 😉  haha  I know this has nothing to do with working out but it was in the picture so…

I’ve wanted to try some more protein powder but I just hadn’t yet.  (I had tried some years ago but I had never liked it.  The flavor was always off and it didn’t mix well into anything.  I’d heard that it had come a long way so I was ready to try it again.)  He bought me the Fitmiss Delight Vanilla Chai with two shaker bottles.  Let me tell ya…this stuff is great!  It mixes better than anything I’ve ever had before, the taste is spot on and it’s only 90 calories a serving with 16 grams of protein.  It’s also gluten free for those who need that.  It is good to mix with water, almond milk or skim milk in the shaker bottles or to throw in the blender to do a smoothie.



I have been eyeing a Polar FT4 for quite some time now.  I have a Garmin 110 for running but I wanted something specifically for weight lifting, gym classes, etc.  I’ve seen a lot of people with the FT4 on Instagram and different blogs that I follow.  I found this one on Amazon.  I think I paid between $50 and $60 for it.


My first time using the watch and I burned 570 calories!  I love knowing what I’ve burned and the fact that I can look back and compare.  I’m also keeping a food & exercise journal.  In it I make sure to write about how I feel physically, what I’ve eaten, if I took a class or not and whatever other exercises I’ve done.


Last night’s workout!  This makes a total of 3 times I’ve used it and it seems to be working great.  It’s easy to set up and navigate through the options.  I love being able to look down at it during a workout and knowing how many calories I’ve currently burned.  It makes me push harder.  I want to do more and more.

I’m not where I want to be but I’m not where I used to be!  That’s what matters!signature

My Old Chair


This chair is old.  It holds so many precious memories for me.  I used to sit in it and read.  I’d watch the news.  Discuss world issues.  Ponder life’s problems.  Dream about traveling to faraway places.  Listen to tales of World War II.  Eat snacks.  Study and work on homework.  This chair means a lot to me.

I’ve had people come to my house and make comments about my “old chair”.    No, it doesn’t “go” with my decor.  No, it isn’t new.  Yes, it is ripped and showing it’s age.  I don’t care.  It’s mine and it means a lot to me.

The man that gave it to me was very special to me.  He died in 2007.  Sometimes I can still hear his stories and his laugh.  He was like another Popaw to me.  He gave me this chair a couple of months before he passed away because in his words, it had always been mine anyway.  

I still sit in it sometimes and read.  It’s comfortable even if it is worn.  It’s big enough to fold up in with a blanket and a good book…or a napping little boy.

Rylan seems to like it just like I have all these years.  He climbs up in it with a toy or a book and he’s content to sit there, which for him (or any toddler I suspect) is quite a feat.

I hope to get it reupholstered this year at some point.  Up until now it just hasn’t felt right to change the look of it but nowI think it’s time.


Father’s Day Weekend

For Father’s Day Jason just wanted a family day spent at home relaxing and playing with Rylan.  He also specifically asked for pot roast for supper.


We had season 5 of Castle that we hadn’t watched so we watched it for most of the day with breaks here and there.20150621_084226

I cooked this bad boy with carrots and onion and served it with mashed potatoes and rolls.  It was perfect, if I do say so myself!  I wish I would have gotten pictures but honestly by the time it was ready I did’t have time to before we were diving in!  Yum!  The rest was saved for leftovers this week.

Most of the day though was spent playing with this precious little man!


You got some wild hair there buddy.


I’m not sure who enjoyed Rylan’s new car tower more!


Rylan is blessed with such a good Daddy!

From the size of that smile, I’d say he knows!signature

Workout Update

I had to take 3 weeks off from Zumba because of work and remodeling.  I’m back now and I’m so glad!  It is so hard for me to get back into something once I get out of the habit of going.  Once I start again though I’m good.


Headed to Zumba this morning!  Ready to go!

My usual instructor is pregnant (Yay!!! I’m so happy for her!) so this is her last month until she has the baby and recuperates from that.  This month in conjunction with her regular class they are adding two classes with the lady that will be doing Zumba until she comes back. So now I’m taking Zumba 4 times a week right now and I’m loving it!  They’re talking of keeping it up…I hope they do!


I don’t look great after a workout but I sure do feel great!  The feeling I have after physically working hard is like no other.  I don’t really care how I look as long as I feel good.

That’s what I strive for not only after working out but also in every day life.

This week coming up I’ll be trying some new protein shakes and a cleanse.  Hopefully they’ll help get and keep me on track.



Photography Contest

I entered a local photography contest last month (Clinch River Days Festival) and figured I hadn’t won anything and had kind of forgotten about it.  It was the first photography contest I’ve ever entered so I didn’t expect much.

I received an email Wednesday saying that I had won first place with one of my photos!  I won first in the Flora/Fauna category!

20150618_135115I’m surprised and very pleased!  I’ve decided that I will do a couple of entries in our county fair as well.


Happy 2nd Birthday to my Sweet Boy!

It’s so hard to believe that you are two years old.


Time is slipping through my fingers like sand.  It’s so bittersweet.


I love seeing you grow and learn.  I love watching you be the perfect little person that God made you to be.


I love hearing you say “Mommy!” and I love your sweet hugs and kisses.  There’s nothing better than telling you that I love you and hearing your sweet little voice say “you to0” and grin up at me.


I do wish time would slow down.

Just a little bit.


I’m so blessed to be your Mama.  signature

Rylan’s 2nd Birthday Party

We had Rylan’s 2nd birthday party Saturday at one of our local parks.  His birthday is actually this Thursday but we decided to celebrate a little early.20150613_180100

We had the same lady do his cake this year and it turned out perfect once again.  She does a great job!20150613_181303


Jamie, Rylan, Emily, Logan, Christina & Cassidy20150613_181402

My sweet Momaw!


Dan, Natalie & Emily20150613_182250

Pizza from Pizza Town.  It is the best!20150613_182551

We had quite a few people.  Rylan loved playing with everyone!

20150613_182554After we all ate and opened presents we headed to the park area with all of the kids and played for a while.  It was dark when we left and Rylan was exhausted.  He hadn’t had a nap all day and he was pretty much just stumbling around trying to play.  Poor kid.  He had such a great time!  Jason buckled him into his car seat and he was out before we ever started down the road.


The next day he was back into his toys getting them out of the bags for me and Jason to open so he could play with them.  signature

Home Projects I’ve Been Working On

I’ve been redecorating the kitchen, dining room and the living room in my house.  Friday I repainted the rooms.  Saturday I refinished my dining room table and recovered the seat cushions for the chairs.  I have had this table since this time last year (found it at an indoor yard sale for $50!).  I had painted the chairs but I hadn’t had time to do the table but it looks great now!   Sunday I started putting everything back together, slowly but surely.

I may do a full post once it is all put together but not right now.20150606_215606


Totally cat approved. I only have one vacant chair at a time thanks to these spoiled kitties.  This picture reminds me, I have to put one more coat of paint on the chairs.20150609_180847

My little helper.  We cleaned his room.  Mostly.


My aunt gave Rylan this chair last year and I finally got around to painting it.  20150609_181844

He loves sitting in it.  Look at that “Elvis Lip”!  If you notice in the background I hadn’t had a chance to put the outlet and light switch plates on when I took the pic.  Also, the box behind him housed my new entertainment center which is now put together and I LOVE it!20150609_193335

I saw something similar to this somewhere else and decided to do my own version.  I think it turned out pretty nice.  I want some whimsy in my living room.  I can’t have it too serious!  And if I get sick of it, it will be cute in my new office.signature

Small Town Living

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to travel.  It is by far my favorite hobby.

But anyone who knows me well knows that I love coming home too!

I live in a small town…well actually, I don’t live in the town but outside of it, in a small county in the Heart of Appalachia (and a little help with this pronunciation – App-ah-latch-an because if you say App-a-lay-sha you’re wrong).  The county is made up mostly of small family farms and the population is under 30,000.  I would wager to say that we have more cattle than people and that’s just fine with me!

calm before the storm

The mountains and farmland make for some great views!  I shot this just before a summer storm rolled in a couple of years ago.


Scenes like this are commonplace.  I took this yesterday morning on my way to work.  This is a Main Street intersection with one of our five (count ’em…5!!!) stop lights (not traffic lights y’all, stop lights!).  Across the road in the green roofed building is town hall.  It’s just as common to see a tractor or cattle trailer coming into town as it is to see a car.

I feel so blessed to be able to call this place home.



Thoughtful Thursday: Rough Day

Yesterday was hard.

Our shop was so busy I didn’t feel like I got anything accomplished.  (I am so glad we’re busy though, we’re very blessed.)

It was just an off day for me.

My allergies have been bad and I’ve had to deal with daily headaches and yesterday’s headache was especially painful by the afternoon.

I’ve not had Zumba in 3 weeks now so I just don’t feel that good physically.

Sometimes its hard not to get into that mental state of “everything is going wrong, nothing is ever right, life is ridiculous.”

But you know what?

It is just a bad day, it is not a bad life.

Even days that are hard are worth it.

The big picture is where it’s at.  I have so much to be thankful for and so many good things going that to stay in a pity state would cheat me out of this mostly wonderful life I had.

I think people get into a habit of looking at what is going wrong and ignoring what is going right and they have a hard time breaking it.