NYC Part 4 – April 6th – Coming Home

I woke up around 4;30AM.  I got ready and packed the remaining things and waited for my driver to call.  At 5:30AM he called to let me know he was downstairs.

When I arrived at the airport I went through security and found a McDonalds so I could get some oatmeal and a smoothie.  I had to walk a ways to my gate but it was easy to find.  I have to say, I was surprised at how nice the employees and TSA agents were at JFK.  That certainly doesn’t happen at a lot of airports.  (Well, except the small regional airport closest to my home.  They are awesome!  I’ve always had a good experience there!  Even when I’m “randomly selected” for further inspection…haha)

My first flight was very crowded but for the most part very smooth.  I had an aisle seat so no pictures of the clouds or city.

When I got to Atlanta I had to find my gate because it wasn’t on my ticket.  It was pretty close to the gate I came in on so no big deal.  I had a layover of a couple of hours.  I mostly just read.  This flight was, for the most part, full but it didn’t seem to be as crowded as the last.  I watched episodes of Blue Bloods all the way home.  (I think Tom Selleck was my first crush ever, btw.  Gotta love that stache.)   I didn’t even know we were that close until we touched down.

I was so happy to see this face!  (And I was happy to see Jason too!!!)


I think it was hard for him to believe I was really back!  LOL  He would smile and then he would just sit and stare at me!

We had dinner at Mellow Mushroom and he stayed just as close to me as he could.  He was constantly touching me and wanting me to color with him.  “Memmy” he would say.  So sweet!

I had a great time but there is not better feeling than coming home!



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