The Husband’s Man Cave/Studio

Last week was crazy, it was busy and we had a death in the family on top of that.  Jason had ordered a building to use at home as a man cave/studio and it was delivered Thursday afternoon.  We had to do a little bit of prep for the site though.



This was my “office” Thursday.  We had blocks that needed to be moved, trees to cut and move and brush to cut and push.

They delivered the building at 4pm.  I think it looks really nice nestled in the woods.20150801_134436



We still need to add steps off of the porch.20150801_134549


We’ll be finishing the inside with sheetrock.  We’ll also add heat and wiring.  Under the window he wants to put a desk, the loft will be used for RC plane storage and the larger part of the room will be used to build things.20150801_135035


I  think it looks like it just grew in the woods.20150801_135131


The cutest tractor driver ever!  And notice his other tractors in the seat with him!



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