Goodbye, August.

Every year when August comes to an end I already begin to miss summer.  I love the warm weather so much and being outside.  It can get a little hectic around my home with the yard work, gardening and animals but I really love it.  I have started dreading winter though.  I’m trying not to do that.  Normally I can embrace every season and enjoy it’s change.  I keep hearing about how this winter is going to be terrible and it makes it hard to look on the bright side.  I’m really trying though!

Monday, Jason’s Momaw brought us 4 chickens.  She said she didn’t want to winter them, it was too hard for her to clean up after them so she gave them to us.  It was really perfect timing because we only had one chicken left.  Now we have 5 hens and rooster.


I love picking the things in my garden.  It gives me such satisfaction to be able to grow healthy food for my family.  A friend of ours who always puts out a huge garden brought us a bunch of tomatoes.   I have several tomatoes from my garden as well and I made some homemade marinara to freeze.



Cherry tomatoes, habanero peppers, and tomatoes.



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