Week 5 of the Terrafit Challenge


It has been crazy at my house this past week.  It seems to be settling down some though now, thank God.  I’ve had a few workouts that I just wasn’t up to par on.  I couldn’t seem to get in the swing and I didn’t work as hard as normal.  I don’t know what was up with that but  I’m good now.

My diet this week has been good.  It hasn’t been super different or anything really fun.  I know I had said I’d probably put some recipes up this week but honestly I didn’t eat anything different than what I’ve already posted.  I hope to make this week different though.

The Breakdown:

Weight Lost: 1lb

Am I happy with my weight loss?

  • Yes!  This week was a little rough for me so I’m very happy with that pound!

How do I feel physically?

  • I feel really good overall even though I had a few off days earlier in the week.  I really think the knee swelling is behind me for good now.  I’m so happy about that!  The only thing I have is normal soreness after hard workouts but I don’t mind that one bit.

What has been hard for me this week?

  • Scheduling has been rough this week.  Short work weeks are always wild for me.  It just throws me off big time!  I’m going to be able to do better this week though.

How do I feel about the program up to this point?

  • I’m still loving it!  I feel like it gives me enough freedom to feel satisfied with just having my cheat meal once a week.  With the results I see I don’t want to give up.  I know a pound may not seem like a lot but it is more than you think!  Pick up something that is a pound.  It’s heavier than you’d imagine.

Is there anything I’ll do differently next week?

  • I see such a difference i n my legs.  I have already lost several inches and I’m so happy about that!  Now though it is time for the rest of me to catch up.  So this week my plan is to once again work my abs like crazy but also my arms!  I want some killer arms y’all!  I really do!



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