Christmas 2014

For Christmas this year we decided to pack everything up go to Wilderness At The Smokies in Sevierville, TN and stay for a few days.  We checked in December 23rd and didn’t check out until December 26th.  It was a nice little getaway and perfect for Christmas!  The service in the resort was really nice, the rooms were very clean and the water park area was a lot of fun!

Wilderness at the Smokies

We will definitely be going away for next Christmas as well.


Last year he loved Santa…this year, not so much.  We ended up making it a family portrait which I love!


In the Wild Canyon Cafe having lunch.

The restaurants were pretty good.  Wild Canyon Cafe (Buffet, about $20/person) and Klondike Pizza Kitchen.  The Klondike Pizza Kitchen had decent pizza but the staff was a little on the rude side.  The Wild Canyon Cafe was where we ate the majority of our meals.  They had a large buffet.  As far as taste and food types, I guess I would have to liken it to Golden Corral.  I also had their Chicken Pasta Primavera too and it was really good!  Next time I will order more things off of the menu to try instead of always going for the buffet.


Ready for the water park in his Mickey Mouse swim trunks and rash guard.


This resort features an indoor water park that is so nice!  It has a large wave pool, an area for kids and another area for kids that are 0-4years.  It was perfect!  Rylan was a little skeptical at first but he quickly warmed up to it.  He loved going down the slide by himself!

20141224_170427He loved these!

20141224_170514 Look at that smile!

20141224_082734He was so tired after playing all day….

20141224_082729 Off to sleep!


I love the way he curls into a little ball to sleep!

20141223_191020Look at that sneaking grin!  Be still my heart!


He played so hard that he passed out early Christmas Eve.


I didn’t think to bring a small tree (note to self for next year) so we jus put everything on the table.


The look on his face when he saw his bicycle was priceless!  As soon as he woke up Christmas morning and looked over toward the table he saw it, jumped off the bed rubbing his eyes, giggling the whole time!



20141225_192900Figuring it out.







20141225_103545He loves tools and fixing things.

20141225_105722He watched me type….

20141225_105712And then began working on his!

20141225_102443Mama and Little Man Christmas selfie!


Unfortunately Santa forgot to leave Daddy some tools to put the Cozy Coup together.

20141225_192536Little Man played with it anyway!


The Husband did an excellent job this year picking out my gifts!  He spoils me!






He loves his recliner!

I do wish I would have taken more pictures of the resort but I was enjoying family time so much and they are certainly the priority.  Maybe next time I’ll have more pictures of the lobby, decorations, etc.


Halloween 2014

We dressed our Little Man in two different costumes this year because we had two events.

For Halloween night we opted for Albert Einstein.  




How cute is that face?



Then we did a Spiderman costume for a cousin’s birthday party.


He wasn’t a big fan of the mask so it was hard to get a good picture.

When we got back from the party we played outside on the tractor.



He loves it so much!


I love to watch him run around!signature






Blueberry & Blackberry Bushes

I bought some blueberry, blackberry & red raspberry bushes a few weeks ago through Gurney’s.  The blueberry & blackberry bushes came in this weekend so we had to get them in the ground.  I still have some landscaping I want to do around them but I’m so happy that they’re in the ground & I’m excited to see how they do for us.  I hope we get plenty of berries for the freezer as well as for canning!

Blueberry Bushes




Thornless Blackberry Bushes




12th Anniversary – AMA Races, Cedar Point, Kings Island & Cincinnati, OH

The Husband and I have been married for 12 years!  We’ve built a wonderful marriage, life and family together and I couldn’t imagine one second without him!

Mid-Ohio Buckeye Superbike Weekend

This was my first motorcycle race and I loved it!  We sat in a really good turn to watch because it was tricky.  We did see some wrecks (thankfully no one was badly injured) and we also had pit passes so we were able to get up close to the bikes and riders.  I hope we get to go again next year!

Kings Island

The Husband had been here before when he was still in school but I hadn’t until now.  I really enjoyed it!  It was a nice park, very clean and had some really nice roller coasters.

Favorite Coasters

Banshee – This was a great coaster but pulls serious G’s!  I was a little dizzy when it was finished!
The Beast – The BEST wooden coaster I have ever ridden!  Smooth, fun, fast!
Diamondback – Smooth, fast and tall!
The Racer – Great nostalgic wooden coaster!

Least Favorite

Vortex – This ride was old and frankly painful!  I had a terrible headache afterward.  I kept praying for it to be over.  Every loop, every hill, every turn hurt.
Flight of Fear – They were trying to compete with Disney’s Aerosmith’s Rock ‘n Roller Coaster but it just wasn’t up to par.  At least it was indoor and air conditioned so that was a plus considering how hot we were.


LaRossa’s Pizza – The food was okay at best.  Cheap on quality and high on price.  I was not a fan at all of their staff.  They were ridiculously slow and rude.

Cedar Point

I hadn’t been here since I was a senior in high school (May 2000).  I loved the rides but once again the lines were terrible.  The first time I rode Millennium Force it had just opened and I stood in line for four and a half hours.  This time I stood in line for three and a half.  That’s not a lot of difference and they’ve had time to figure out a solution.  It has been 14 years!  I didn’t feel the staff was able to control the crowd very well.  There were so many times that the roller coasters were really backed up but they weren’t running all cars and would send some cars without riders.  It was odd.  The Fast Pass Line is a joke too.  You have to pay extra ($30+) and the lines on it are still long.  Disney has perfected the Fast Pass thing.  Take lessons!

Favorite Coasters

Millennium Force
The Gatekeeper – Such an unbelievably smooth coaster!
Top Thrill Dragster – So fast I had trouble opening my eyes!

Least Favorite

Maverick – I didn’t like the restraint system.  When we would go into corkscrew turns my head would bang on the sides.
Magnum XL-200 – This ride felt very rickety.  The car we rode in (front as always) felt like it wasn’t attached well to the wheels.  Our whole car complained to the staff.

Favorite Food

Panda Express – We were pretty much starving to death waiting in line for Millennium Force and the smells of Panda Express were wafting our way since it is located just across the fence from where we were.  The service was good and the food was great!

Cincinnati, OH

Dewey’s Pizza – Caesar Salad & Spinach,  Sun Dried Tomatoes & Goat Cheese Pizza



This was such a great pizza place!  The service was wonderful and so was the food!  We loved the topping selections for their pizza.  The actual restaurant was really nice too, just a really nice looking place.

Kenwood Theatre – This was a great theater!  We ended up watching a double: The Purge: Anarchy and Sex Tape.

Kenwood Mall – General shopping but some high end stores (at least compared to my local malls)


Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course




Roger Hayden







Roger Hayden & Cameron Beaubier


This was such a great trip!  I still have so much fun with the Husband.  It really is no different now than it was when we were 18 and had just met.  We can make anything fun and truly do enjoy spending time together.


Rylan’s 1st Birthday Party

We had Rylan’s first birthday party this Saturday.  Of course we had to do a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme since Rylan is obsessed!

We just had a few friends and family over.  We didn’t want it to be too overwhelming for him.

We had our favorite beef hot dogs from Hofmann’s in New York.  These are seriously the best hot dogs I have ever eaten.  Ever.  Seriously so good!

The cake was awesome!  A lady that went to school with Jason actually did the cake.  We didn’t know she did cakes and my aunt recommended her.  It’s such a small world…especially where we live.  She did a great job!  The cake not only looked wonderful but it was the best cake I’ve ever eaten!  Everyone at the party couldn’t stop talking about it. I will definitely be booking her for everything we do from now on!



“Hot Diggity Dog Bar”


Bottom layer: strawberry cake with fresh strawberry filling.
Middle layer: chocolate cake with peanut butter filling.
Top layer: white cake with chocolate ganache filling.
Smash cake: white cake with buttercream filling.



IMG_9085 copy


I bought this shirt through Etsy.  You’ll find the link HERE.

I also had invitations designed for the party.  They show our address so I will just post the link HERE.

Both of these Etsy shops were very good.  I would certainly recommend them.







The look of determination!



He literally had it everywhere!  Too fun!


IMG_9224My precious family!


I love that boy!


My Momaw.  She is such a great lady!  I love her so much!

IMG_9243My husband still thinks I’m funny.

IMG_9048So serious…








Betsy and Larry had Betsy’s sister Brenda make this memory quilt.  It is pictures from Rylan’s first year!  It is gorgeous and such a sweet and thoughtful gift!


IMG_9366John Deere truck?  Yes, please!

IMG_9388Emily & Logan.  Sweet cousins!

IMG_9028Sis!  Love that smile!



IMG_9015Me and my Mama!

IMG_9009Christina, Cassidy, Emily & Logan

IMG_8995Popaw Dave


IMG_9397Larry and Rylan


My Momaw loving on my Little Man.  I love this picture.  You can see the LOVE.


Sis and Jerry playing with Rylan


I think it’s safe to say that our Little Man had a great first birthday!


Rylan is 1!

My baby is a year old today!  How is this possible?  I should still be holding a teeny-tiny, squirming, grunting, cooing little baby!  Right?!?

Time is cruel.  And it is beautiful.

I look at this boy and my heart feels like it will burst with love.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.  James 1:17 NIV

One year ago, I had the pleasure of meeting this perfect little person.  I was in love with him from the moment I knew he was on his way but when I laid eyes on his face…the love that I felt is indescribable.  Even feeling as rough as I did after his birth, this was single handedly the most important moment of my life.  I thank God everyday for the blessing of being his Mama.

All of these pictures were taken by Emily Hale of Captured by E&B.  She is a great person and I’m blessed to have met her!

You can find her on Facebook: and her website:

These are just a few of my favorites!















Easter 2014

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!  We sure did!  Easter Sunday we went to church and had dinner with the family.  It was great!

First Easter Basket

First Easter Basket





Mickey Mouse Plate with Spoon and Fork set :)

Mickey Mouse Plate with Spoon and Fork set :)


Digging through to find everything

Digging through to find everything


Easter Basket from his Momaw

Easter Basket from his Momaw


Trying to get into it

Trying to get into it


He's found Donald Duck...happy boy!

He’s found Donald Duck…happy boy!



Something to chew on

Something to chew on


After Church

After Church.  I adore my family!