On the hunt for bunk beds….once again.

So a few posts back I talked about the bunk beds that we had ordered for Rylan.

Well, Ashley Furniture Homestore at Turkey Creek in Knoxville dropped the ball.  Big time.

We put down a deposit on the bunkbeds and they were going to call us when they came in.  The saleswoman said it would probably take a couple of weeks.  I called them a little over a month later to see if they were in or if they could give me a time frame of when they would be in so that I could make arrangements to come and pick them up since I don’t live in Tennessee.  The woman that answered was pretty rude and not helpful.  Once she found that the bunk beds were indeed there I asked to her to please leave a note for our sales person that we would be there to pick them up the weekend following Labor Day.  She then informed me that it isn’t their policy to hold items like that even with a deposit and that she couldn’t guarantee me that they would be there when I came down.

I was quite mad but I was keeping calm and I got off the phone with her,  I explained to my husband what she just said so he decided he would call and speak to her.  She informed him the same way she informed me.  He asked her what the point of putting a deposit down was and she said it only locks in the price.  She said it’s like we laid it away.  He explained to her that when something is laid away it is put away and kept for the customer.  She said that that is not their policy so he asked for a manager.  Her reply was “Speaking.”  He said okay, I just want my money back on my card then because this is ridiculous.  As soon as he said that she started telling him that she wasn’t going to do a refund over the phone that he’d have to drive down there in order to do (she knows we live 2.5hrs away!).  His reply was “Oh no I won’t.  I’m calling American Express and they’ll handle it.”  She was trying to protest and he just hung up on her.

Of course American Express had our money back in no time.  They know how to do customer service.

I left a review on their Facebook page and of course no one has contacted me.  Either way at this point I’m done.

Let’s all give a slow clap to her.  Not only did she lose the sale for the bunkbeds and their mattresses, I’m in the market for a new mattress and box spring for my bed, a couch, an entry bench and a desk for my soon to be up and going studio.  Congrats crappy manager!  You just lost out on some good sales!