Polar FT4 & Fitmiss Delight Protein Powder

Jason had some insomnia the other night and bought me some things via Amazon.  They’re all things I’ve talked about getting and I think it’s super sweet he did that for me.  It was delivered as a total surprise!

I’m always borrowing his tools and half the time I can’t find what I need so now I have my own set.  And they’re pink which pretty much guarantees that they’ll stay mine… 😉  haha  I know this has nothing to do with working out but it was in the picture so…

I’ve wanted to try some more protein powder but I just hadn’t yet.  (I had tried some years ago but I had never liked it.  The flavor was always off and it didn’t mix well into anything.  I’d heard that it had come a long way so I was ready to try it again.)  He bought me the Fitmiss Delight Vanilla Chai with two shaker bottles.  Let me tell ya…this stuff is great!  It mixes better than anything I’ve ever had before, the taste is spot on and it’s only 90 calories a serving with 16 grams of protein.  It’s also gluten free for those who need that.  It is good to mix with water, almond milk or skim milk in the shaker bottles or to throw in the blender to do a smoothie.



I have been eyeing a Polar FT4 for quite some time now.  I have a Garmin 110 for running but I wanted something specifically for weight lifting, gym classes, etc.  I’ve seen a lot of people with the FT4 on Instagram and different blogs that I follow.  I found this one on Amazon.  I think I paid between $50 and $60 for it.


My first time using the watch and I burned 570 calories!  I love knowing what I’ve burned and the fact that I can look back and compare.  I’m also keeping a food & exercise journal.  In it I make sure to write about how I feel physically, what I’ve eaten, if I took a class or not and whatever other exercises I’ve done.


Last night’s workout!  This makes a total of 3 times I’ve used it and it seems to be working great.  It’s easy to set up and navigate through the options.  I love being able to look down at it during a workout and knowing how many calories I’ve currently burned.  It makes me push harder.  I want to do more and more.

I’m not where I want to be but I’m not where I used to be!  That’s what matters!signature

Workout Update

I had to take 3 weeks off from Zumba because of work and remodeling.  I’m back now and I’m so glad!  It is so hard for me to get back into something once I get out of the habit of going.  Once I start again though I’m good.


Headed to Zumba this morning!  Ready to go!

My usual instructor is pregnant (Yay!!! I’m so happy for her!) so this is her last month until she has the baby and recuperates from that.  This month in conjunction with her regular class they are adding two classes with the lady that will be doing Zumba until she comes back. So now I’m taking Zumba 4 times a week right now and I’m loving it!  They’re talking of keeping it up…I hope they do!


I don’t look great after a workout but I sure do feel great!  The feeling I have after physically working hard is like no other.  I don’t really care how I look as long as I feel good.

That’s what I strive for not only after working out but also in every day life.

This week coming up I’ll be trying some new protein shakes and a cleanse.  Hopefully they’ll help get and keep me on track.



Pretty Routine Here Lately

Other than working, normal family stuff and working out I’ve not had a whole lot going on.  We are planning a trip to VIR this weekend to watch the Moto America races.  This will be Rylan’s first motorcycle race.  I think he’ll like it since he is so motorcycle obsessed (every time he sees one he starts yelling “Bike!” “Bike!” and pointing haha) but with an almost two year old who knows how things will go?  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best!

I have started my extra workouts this week.  I decided not to just add walking but weights as well.  So far so good.  I’ve also really tried to watch what I eat.  I did some meal prep Sunday but I’m going to have to work on that a little more.  I’ll figure out what works for me before long.  I’m sure I’ll see more results now that I’m moving more and eating better.

Okay, on to some cuteness!

20150502_160705Telling a big tale.


This face.  It is just too darn cute.

20150503_113028Ava decided that she would just blend in with the toys.

We had lunch at Salsarita’s for Mother’s Day.  I didn’t want to do anything big and I wanted to stay close to home since I had so much to do.  I really do love that place, though.  Delicious, fresh, fast Mexican food.

20150510_134127He’s dipping everything these days.  He’s such a big boy….  My heart just swells with love for this perfect little human.

20150510_134140Like father, like son.



A friend of mine texted me this past weekend to see if I wanted to start going to a Zumba class with her at our local YMCA.  Of course I was interested!  This is something I have been thinking about for months but, I am embarrassed to say, I was afraid to go by myself.  I had anxiety.  I didn’t want anyone to see my fat jiggle and wonder why I couldn’t keep up.  Having a friend go really helped me get over that.

Last night was our first class and I was not disappointed!  It was great!  The teacher was fun and she explained things thoroughly.  She was also very encouraging.  All of the staff and members we met were just wonderful.  They were all very sweet.  I am officially a member of the YMCA now and I am excited to see how well it works out for me as time goes on.

We ended up taking half of a cycling class after our Zumba class was over and we plan on doing it after Zumba every Monday.  It felt so good to work out again!  I am definitely feeling good this morning and I’m ready to do it again.

Our next class is Wednesday and I can’t wait!


It’s time to lose the baby weight!

Okay, it really is time to get serious about this.  I have basked in the glow of motherhood and neglected myself for long enough.  Summer will be here before I know it and I want to be able to get out and be as active as I normally would.  Not to mention I need to be the best me I can be for my family.  I need to be healthy in order to take care of them.

So this week I joined Weight Watchers Online and I’m learning the ropes.  I’m making a commitment to a healthier me.  I have officially started today and I’m ready for the change.

I’m going to try to post some of my favorite Weight Watchers friendly recipes with the points per serving as I learn more on this program.

I have a lot of goals this year and being heavy isn’t part of the plan.  I do cut myself some slack though on the weight.  Let me give you the whole story.  I used to be very active, outside all the time, showing horses every weekend, at the lake any chance I could be, just going non stop.  It was great!  I had so much energy…the more I went the more I could go!

Me and The Husband dressed for dinner!  :)

Me and The Husband dressed for dinner! :)


Me before I tore my MCL & cartilage

Me before I tore my MCL & cartilage


Then I was injured in 2009 right in the midst of horse show season.  I twisted my knee (not on a horse or even around a horse) tearing my MCL & cartilage.  I am a bit VERY clumsy on two legs.  I kept pushing and riding/training hard (like an idiot) and was in pain for close to 2 years before I met my chiropractor and got straightened out for the most part.

Needless to say, pain will make someone depressed and not being able to be as physically active as I had been allowed me to gain weight.  It was really a rough time.  I couldn’t do what I once did and it really hurt my confidence.  As the weight came on it of course made everything feel even worse. It became a vicious cycle: pain, stress, food, no activity, depression, etc.  This was probably one of the worst but in the long run beneficial times in my life.  I reevaluated a lot and reorganized priorities and goals.  I did a lot of soul searching during all of that (emotional & physical) pain.  I had to find other outlets to channel my stress, pain and emotions.  I slowly began to get better physically and emotionally.  I found my “happy” again.

I think God gives us trials like that when we need to work on ourselves from the inside out.  It’s His way of giving us a “thunk” on the head and saying “Slow down and realize what is important”.  This is, at least, how it felt to me.

During all of this my husband and I decided to start thinking about a family.  The timing seemed right.  We were approaching 30 and it just seemed like a good age and good time in our life.  Then before long I was pregnant and you don’t really lose weight while pregnant so here I am heavier but so much happier.  My life is right where I want it and where it should be.

Me at Christmas last month

Me at Christmas last month

Now I just need to get back in shape and doing the things that I love.  I need the outside to look and feel as happy as the inside.