Every weekend should be like this one

We had such a good weekend!  I wish every one could be like this…it was just so nice.

Saturday the weather was great.  Beautiful and sunny.  We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then took our Little Man to the park.



This is the first flower I’ve gotten from my sweet boy!  Of course I kept it…  He’s such a good hearted kid.  He really makes me proud.

Jason had to do some work at the church Saturday evening so it was just me and Rylan for a few hours.


After I mowed and picked up around the yard I took him outside to play.  We hit the sandbox first off and played in it.  Our dog Izzy was making him laugh while she was trying to catch bumble bees in the air.  When he finished with the sandbox we wrestled all the dogs in the back yard and then we had to wrestle them in the front yard too.  He had to look at the chickens and then “ride” the tractor, the lawnmower and the boat.  Since he was in a riding mood I got his 4-Wheeler out and let him ride it all over the yard.  Considering his age he does really good on it.  Then….we did it all again!  By 7:30pm, Mama was worn out and Little Man was getting there.  I brought him back in for a bath, something to eat and finally bed.

Sunday was a rainy day so we stayed inside pretty much all day.  We played, watched cartoons and cuddled.  I didn’t think to get any pictures but it was so relaxing and much needed quality time with the two men in my life.

Today being Monday was back to the grind of work.  It has been a good day though.  Work was busy but not overwhelming and then I had Zumba afterward.  It was great as usual.  I feel so good when we’re finished!  It is always nice to see Anna Ruth and our instructor is just great!  I’m getting to know a lot of other women in the class too and they are really nice ladies.  I’m so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and did it.

When I got back home I gave Rylan a bath.  He absolutely loves bath time!  We have these little color tablets by Crayola that turn the water different colors and he loves them!  He also just loves splashing and playing until I drain the water and force him to get out!  Haha!


After his bath he didn’t seem nearly tired enough to go to sleep so we put on music and danced around the house (one of his favorite things to do, the kid’s got rhythm!) for about an hour.  By the end of the hour he stuck his thumb in his mouth and came up to me and hugged my leg.  I picked him up and he laid his head on my shoulder.  I knew it was bed time.

I stayed up long enough to pin a few things on Pinterest and then I was out too.


Getting Dirty

We had a propane tank delivered and Jason dug the ditch for the the propane line.  After he covered it up and it was all safely installed I took Rylan out to play in the dirt!

First, we played in the grass with the dogs.

20140920_114054Because he LOVES his dogs!



They’re so good with him!

Then we made our way to the fresh dirt and the boots came off.


20140920_121336The toes got dirty.


20140920_121525He may have tried to eat dirt….  :/




He had a great time getting so dirty!



Here Mama….have some dirt!



Hanging Out with My Boy

Today was just such a fun day playing with Rylan.  I enjoy being home with him and spending all day doing what he wants to do.  It is tiring but so rewarding!






We played and played and played.  It must have wiped him out because one minute he was running around, then he was laying down but still playing and then he was out!



Later, after he woke up I found him “cuddling” with Milo.  He loves that cat!


New Sand Box

We bought Rylan a sand box for his birthday but we are just now getting around to setting it up.  It seems like since his birthday things have been so busy we just hadn’t had time to get any sand.  Yikes.  Anyway, he has it now!

20140804_201141New sandbox, new sand.  Ready for play!

20140804_201148Jersey is always curious as to what he is doing.

20140804_201155His faithful companion, Izzy.  She’s always by his side!

20140804_201212He was a little unsure of the texture at first.



He really enjoyed playing in it and throwing the sand we worked so hard to put in out! Haha!