Small Town Living

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to travel.  It is by far my favorite hobby.

But anyone who knows me well knows that I love coming home too!

I live in a small town…well actually, I don’t live in the town but outside of it, in a small county in the Heart of Appalachia (and a little help with this pronunciation – App-ah-latch-an because if you say App-a-lay-sha you’re wrong).  The county is made up mostly of small family farms and the population is under 30,000.  I would wager to say that we have more cattle than people and that’s just fine with me!

calm before the storm

The mountains and farmland make for some great views!  I shot this just before a summer storm rolled in a couple of years ago.


Scenes like this are commonplace.  I took this yesterday morning on my way to work.  This is a Main Street intersection with one of our five (count ’em…5!!!) stop lights (not traffic lights y’all, stop lights!).  Across the road in the green roofed building is town hall.  It’s just as common to see a tractor or cattle trailer coming into town as it is to see a car.

I feel so blessed to be able to call this place home.